Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Knowledge Gained on Construction Business

I’m glad that my brother have a new residential project now just in time for the big expenses this coming holidays. He’s an engineer and managing his own construction business. Because of his work I became familiar with most of the construction terms and I had a working knowledge of some of them due to my previous jobs. I was employed by a consulting company for design, construction and supervision of roads and bridges for ten years and I was assigned in making bidding proposals. The work was tough because we’re always beating the deadlines where we used to spend three days and three nights without leaving the office just to make sure that proposal will be able to meet the due dates.

In my earlier years in the company I used to help the project managers with their monthly accomplishment reports and when I work with them I see to it that I know what I’m doing such as looking over the basic terms and work done on different civil engineering works. That’s when I learned about pavement, drainage, structural works and many other things concerning the construction of major roads, bridges and vertical structures in the country. My Engineer friends taught me how they check the contractor’s use of concrete forming method such as insulated concrete forms to construct building and residential grade walls and basement. Our projects include horizontal and vertical construction and we also handle commercial establishment although we specialized in flyovers, roads and bridges. I can say that my previous jobs helped me a lot to gain knowledge on various fields of work and I’m very thankful for that.


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