Friday, December 4, 2009

Lasik Eye Surgery for Better Vision

I’ve been wearing eyeglasses since I was in college because my eyes are nearsighted and it’s hard to be in a big classroom when you don’t see the board clearly. I had to wear eyeglasses then because my eyes would worsen or increase grade number. Now I’m comfortable with my eyeglasses because the years of wearing it makes it feel like a part of me. Some people don’t want to wear eyeglasses as they will look like older than their age so they resort to contact lenses. Lenses are said to be more comfortable than wearing eyeglasses but for me I still want my eyeglasses because it fits my lifestyle.

Having healthy and normal vision is my dream as I spent half of my life having nearsighted eyes. There are also things that I cannot do without eyeglasses like reading from afar and playing some of my favorite sports. Because of this I sometimes envy those people with 20/20 vision as they can do anything they want without fear of seeing things in blurred vision. When my Mom was operated for her cataract I learned about using laser in a lasik procedure and I was so amazed that it can bring back your blurry vision. There are clinics that performs such operation like Lasik Eye Surgery Boston which offers an all-laser lasik procedure meant to correct your vision on the exact needs of your eyes. It’s a painless, safe and quick procedure which can give you 20/20 or better vision.

It’s actually a perfect solution to people with eye problems of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism only. This is not for other eye problems such as cataract, glaucoma and many others. Modern technology has reached the eye science and I was very happy to know that there’s still a guaranteed remedy for my kind of eye problem. Now patients can do away from their glasses and contact lenses when they avail this service from Boston Laser.

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