Friday, November 27, 2009

He's Sick!

Can’t concentrate much on what I’m writing because Josh is sick today. He has no cold, no coughs but he has a fever. Despite of his fever he still asks me to let him go to school because Friday is his favorite school day and maybe that’s the reason why he really wants to go to school. Friday is their writing day and the teachers let them play a bit also.

Every Friday they brought along one toy and their teachers let their chairs form in a circle and they learn and play. Now that they’re in their preparatory level their playtime is limited unlike in their nursery and kinder days. Anyway I told Josh that I will worry for him if he goes to school because he’ll be tired and his fever might worsen. I told him to be just near Mommy and I’ll teach him their lesson. Well of course now that he’s not well enough I will not allow him to do any school work. I’m glad that he’s sleeping soundly now. I’ll rest early from my PC and blogging also.


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