Monday, December 14, 2009

Water Therapy

I’ve learned from my Mom that there are sickness that can be healed by water therapy and we have a book confirming that so when we want to resort to natural healing of minor sickness we apply water therapy. Even if you take medication for fever, colds, cough and some other sickness it also helps a lot if you drink plenty of water. It applies not only to sickness but for someone like me who want to lose excess pound, instead of drinking powdered juices or coffee we should drink water instead and it’s even better if it’s not too cold. Well it seems hard at first but very beneficial to our body if we make it a habit. Just make sure that the water that you drink or you use for therapy is a good, clean and purified water or it’s filtered from contaminants by something like a gswf filter because it’s very important to know that the water we’re drinking is safe and clean for a healthier you.


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