Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Had a Bad Fall!

I had a bad fall last Sunday after our lunch at a fastfood restaurant few blocks from our church. We were leisurely walking back to our church when I suddenly lost my steps and fall on my left side suddenly. My right ankle was the most injured part with dislocated veins which caused my feet to be swollen after many hours. My left knee suffered bruises and my skin were scraped out which gave me pain until now. My right arm and shoulders up to my nape suffered the most because it’s where I forced my whole body to lean on. I was just lucky that the palm of my left hand which turned red recovered after two hours. I had an hour of therapy from my Mom when we arrived home after 6 hours. It was so painful that I nearly screamed my pain; imagine having your veins in your ankle dislocated?

Well I’m beginning to feel alright now except for just little pains in my back and knee. I had to work even I’m sick but just to visit some blogs, read my emails and finish some due tasks, not enough time to bid and get more assignments. Well I guess I should be starting my blogging holiday mode now, don’t you think?


Tetcha December 18, 2009 at 4:43 PM  

Aww! That was a really bad fall. Hope you're doing okay now, Race.

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