Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Enough Blessings to Share

Still I'm not quite adept to working on my tasks now as I also have offline duties and responsibilities at home. I did some last shopping for gifts for my godchildren in our church and for all my brethren. No don't think that I'm rich that I can buy expensive gifts for more than 70 people, I just bought some little nice things for everyone. I'm a smart shopper and I can think of small gifts that won't hurt my budget. It's just my way of sharing my blessings and love to my fellow. I thanked God that He has given me enough blessings for this year and not just financial blessing but spiritual as well. It's also my first Christmas as a WAHM (working-at-home Mom) and I'm glad that I have more time to shop now for gifts and our needs for the holidays, at least I can do my online tasks whenever I have time.


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