Saturday, June 23, 2012

Enjoying Rainy Days

Rainy days are here again and though it’s sometimes inconvenient to go to office or school with umbrellas on your head I still welcome the cold weather brought about by rains. I love summer especially going to the beach and outdoor activities but I certainly hate the scorching heat making me sweat when I go outside. It’s also risky on health when you go outside to a very hot weather from an office with high air conditioning. Every season has its own pros and cons and we have to prepare ourselves for whatever the season brings whether it’s hot, cold, dry or rainy season. What I love about rainy days are those moments when the whole family gathers together in front of some nice movies or shows bonding themselves for a day when no one would want to go outside.

I love cooking yummy meals when it’s raining and it seems the whole family loves to eat more when it’s cold and drizzly outside. It’s even more lovely when you have gel fireplace where you can relax in front of it and will not worry about replacing the logs when it’s burned already. I just heard of this kind of fireplace and amazed at it because you only have to use lifelike logs and gel fuel and you can enjoy the warm atmosphere without the hassles of installation, chopping wood and lighting the logs. This way you can really enjoy rainy days.


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