Monday, June 4, 2012

Opening of Classes

Today is the opening of classes for most of the students and my two daughters were very excited about their new teachers and school friends. Their feelings are a mixture of enthusiasm, apprehension, excitement and happiness that they’re looking through another year of learning different things that would help them in their future endeavours. It’s an ideal overview of what students can gain from attending school but what worries me is the current situation of most public schools in the country especially here in metropolitan area. 

I’ve watched the latest news and was sad to learn that there are some students who have no decent rooms to attend their classes because of lack of school facilities. I actually remembered that last year it was the same dilemma. Well now I’ve heard that there are plans and goals of constructing thousands of school rooms to attend the immediate needs of public sectors and hope that it will be sooner that this plan will push through. The government particularly the department that handles education should prioritize this project to help educate children who will not see a bright future if they will not be given a chance to enjoy learning without spending a lot.


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