Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Choosing the Right School for Your Kids' Education

I believe in good education and we spend quite a precious amount to fund our kids’ school fees to ensure they get the best school. Well maybe not the most prestigious and expensive school but a Christian school that will give them not just quality education but encourages inclination to arts and music aside from inculcating love for God. All my kids love playing musical instruments and aside from the summer classes in our municipality I never enrolls them in expensive music school. They learn from our church music ministry and from their own perseverance in learning.

Well we came from a family who plays Alfa, violin and some other musical instruments and it’s in this history and genes that I think my kids got their inclination and talents. I myself love it but not lucky enough to spend time in learning due to some circumstances in life. I love saxophone the most as it gives me relaxing tones but none of my kids tried this one.

When I saw tuba in my regular site for searching musical instruments I told my little boy that I would love seeing him play such kind. He grinned and told me that he would love to do it not just for me but for his satisfaction as well. Since he’s just a little boy now I reckon I’ll be counting some more years before that would manifest.


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