Friday, October 22, 2010

Medical Negligence

We strongly believe in the capacity of medical professional to treat, cure and care for us when we’re sick because that’s their goal in their work. Their mission in life is to give their best knowledge and ability to bring wellness and cure to every patient that they handle. But not everyone is careful enough not to commit error because after all they’re also humans. I learned to believe that medical staff should also consult their colleagues in major decisions they have to take on delicate medical situations. There are cases that need careful thinking and studying before deciding what should be done on some medical cases. I heard news and documentary stories over television on some error committed by nurses on giving medications and one time one case was of doctor issuing wrong medical verdict to the patient.

One frightening incident that showed a complete medical negligence is the case of blood transfusion where they’ve chosen the wrong type of blood which caused death to the patient. At first the family didn’t know the error committed by the nurse but was surprised that after blood transfusion their patient died. After investigations and medical findings from other hospital it was declared that a wrong type of blood was used in the transfusion. It was such a painful incident and even more hurting that the hospital denied the error. 

It’s good that there are group who handles this kind of situation who has medical knowledge and provides legal expertise on such negligence cases committed by poor quality medical care. The victim’s family can file for a case and eventually can seek justice for their loved one and claim compensation for it. Other cases that you can file under this kind are cerebral palsy; obstetrical/gynaecological injuries; negligently performed neurosurgery, misdiagnosis of cancer; substandard cosmetic surgery and more.


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