Friday, October 22, 2010

Reducing Energy Costs

When I received our electric bill and saw how big our total billing is I sat and think of ways on how to reduce the cost of our electricity. It’s not only me but almost all friends I know have been thinking about how they can conserve energy and minimize their electric bills. It’s taking up a large percentage of our monthly financial budget so we really need to resort to anything that will help us reduce costs. Even the companies I’ve worked for are setting up some energy saving devices to minimize their utility expenses. This is the reason that we now have leed existing buildings. Some companies are really up to providing helpful strategies on implementing comprehensive energy efficiency like Servidyne who helps existing buildings reduce their energy consumption and costs. 

One of their best approaches is the lighting upgrades where they assess the existing systems and determine how much is coming from the lighting then they will study the case. The upgrades are one of the quick and easy ways to reduce our energy consumption. They have a list of successful establishments that they helped to improve lighting and reduce energy costs like manufacturing plants, schools, hospitals, office buildings, hotels and nursing homes. Servidyne promotes greener, healthier and financially efficient buildings.


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