Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Partner in Night Blogging!

Still wide awake to finish some tasks and anyway I just had more than an hour sleep early this evening when my son asked me to sleep beside him. He asked me to sleep early and I did but I woke up again to do some works online. Anyway hubby just got home an hour before and I still have companion now aside from my favorite coffee beside me. I really love coffee though I minimized my intake from 3 cups a day to one cup only except of course when I work late in the evening and I feel tea will not see me through my sleepy status. If only I have time I would want some brewed coffee. I’m sure I will enjoy my blogging in the night more if I have a coffee maker but on second thought I will be needing a buddy to have coffee with, my hubby is not a coffee drinker so my sister will be the one!


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