Friday, November 25, 2011

Indulge in Recreational Games

People are now into healthy lifestyle and healthy habits in life. This may be due to increasing number of sickness derived from bad vices, wrong eating habits and ways in life that can harm our body and lead us to deadly diseases that’s quite rampant these days. I heard some of my friends and teachers in my secondary suffered from severe cases of sickness due to not-so healthy lifestyle. We should really be disciplined in what we eat and what we do in life. It’s still best to have a balanced diet food, regular exercise and enough sleep. We should also have time for some relaxing moments with our loved ones as healthy body and happy soul are great partners. Happiness is vital to our state of mind and body thus we should seek things not only for our financial gain but for our happy life as well. 

Recreation is one of the things that we should focus our mind sometimes because we can be happy doing some outdoor activities with our friends and family. It would include games and sports we particularly like to do like ball games such as badminton, bowling, tennis, volleyball; or some sports like marathon, walkathon, swimming or maybe we could try the shooting sport with the use of guns airsoft. Some men prefer this sport as it seems challenging to them. I myself haven’t tried this sport although I’m keen on shooting games when I was a kid. I always play what my brother plays even if I’m not a boy. It was fun and exciting game for me back then and when I learned of this kind of sport these days I know how nice it should feel when you try this one.

For those who don’t know this shooting sport I can share what I learned from reading. This sport uses Airsoft Gun which shoots with the use of plastic round pellets. It’s harmless, can’t kill someone and will not cause any injury to anyone. This is only a toy gun but if you can see it it’s like a real gun as makers of this toy manufactured it like it’s real with same look, feel and weight. Anyway the pellets can cause slight pain when they hit you so the player should also protect himself by wearing safety gear around the eyes and face. You can use thick pants and sweatshirts or wear camouflage for better protection. The rules depends on the game, airsoft gun can be used for target shooting or like a paintball where players should avoid being hit or you’ll be eliminated.


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