Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Secret of Ageing Gracefully!

This generation seems to be so concerned with the issues of aging; in fact it has an impact on millions of people. People seem very concerned with their financial future, their retirement, insurances, career and almost anything that secures their financial and physical looks. The current issues on healthcare and the never ending dieting is one proof that we’re concerned on living longer. And now people seems to prevent aging because of cosmetology and surgical methods, I know some people did it because they want to stay young and beautiful to secure their career, love life and some other superficial things that commonly worries human.

But did you know that we need not ask for more as God has given us everything we need to enjoy our present life now. The real secret of aging gracefully is how you live today. It’s just a simple secret that we didn’t see like if you want to be healthy when you’re on your golden age start it now, eat healthy food, have some exercise and be sure to secure a good sleep everyday. If you want to be mentally alert even when you’re twenty years older you should start reading, watching current issues and participate in discussions meaning exercise your mind to the full because learning is a continuous process you shouldn’t stop. Now if you want to be spiritually secure in God start searching for Him now, pray for His guidance, seek for His words attend Sunday services with no absences and live as a true Christian.

Now you still want to live longer by changing your natural looks! You still want to be healthy with those never-ending supplements? Live simply, have a natural healthy life and put God in the center of your life and you’ll live and get old gracefully!


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