Sunday, December 4, 2011

Long Beach Things to Do

My Auntie spent most of her life in California and since I was in grade school she’s living and working. It’s now her world and her life. Now that she’s old already she seldom takes vacation in our hometown and I really haven’t seen her in person for years. She’s my Mom’s cousin best friend and also my godmother. When she was younger and often visits us she’ll always talk about the state she’s living in US as she found California the best place for Filipinos like her with just the right weather and community that she’s became comfortable with. She’s a good cook and she has flair for good restaurants to which she really visits and tastes their special menu. I know she’s rounded up good Long Beach restaurants in her tour of cuisine search.

Long Beach by the way is in the South, a dominant maritime center and known for being the Aquatic capital of the nation. It has the second busiest container port and one of the world’s largest shipping port. The place has plenty of things to offer to someone who wants to visit nice places and has some nice sit down venues and restaurants when you want to have a meal and relax your senses. There are plenty of Long Beach things to do like water sports, tour around the place, shopping perhaps and most specially dining in their wide array of varied Long Beach restaurants offering cuisine of sorts. You can choose if you want to eat in restaurant offering comfort foods, seafood, steaks, dinner cruises, American food, Spanish cuisine, continental and California cuisine or other cuisine you may want to try. There’s a website which will help you find all these things and will be a good guide in shopping, choosing hotel and some vacation deals also.


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