Saturday, September 18, 2010

Be Slim Without Being Expensive

My brother asked me last summer if I want to join him in his ten day program of herbal cleansing diet. After the program they will need to buy all-herbal fat burners to support the cleansing diet they went through. I was really convinced because my brother used to have big tummy but now it’s all gone. He needs to drink the herbal tea in the morning then he’ll manage to maintain his physique.

When I asked the price of the fat burners that work for him I was astounded because it was so expensive. I smiled and laughed then told my brother that with the high price of his fat burners I will just buy plenty of fruits for my semi-cleansing. I would prefer natural foods than tea or pills and those are less expensive. I want to shed off my excess pounds but I want to do it the natural way.


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