Saturday, September 18, 2010

Age Doesn’t Matter

My Auntie in L.A. California married a guy 20 years younger than her and some eyebrows were raised because of the age gap. My Auntie told us that she’s happy with the guy and if we want her to be happy we should welcome the guy into the family. That was 30 years ago when I was only a teenager and now we learned that they still happy living together. They’re so perfect for the common phrase that age doesn’t matter. Some may have judged them in the past but now seeing them still in love with each other I can say that they really found love. My Auntie who happens to be my godmother also is my Mom’s best friend and she told my Mom that she’s using the best anti aging product so their age gap will not be noticed.

Well based from the pictures that we have of her and her husband they’re really good to look at together. In fairness my Auntie was a beauty when she was young and she’s a very intelligent woman with a good sense of humor. When you happen to know and talk to her you would love her vivacious character. Thinking about her qualities maybe those are the things that her husband saw in her that made him fall deeply in love.


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