Sunday, September 19, 2010

TUMCS Integration 2010

This is a late post but then again I just want to share my young freshman's integration experience.  Yearly they held Integration program/activities as a sort of introducing the newly entered freshmen in the campus each section will be divide into two and combined to higher years.  It's one way of acquainting all 400 students of Taytay United Methodist Christian School so they will have camaderie when they joined the subject clubs.  They brought food the whole class, just simple snacks like donuts, ensaymada etc.

They've performed the activities prepared by their seniors, activities were all meant for orientation, acquaintance and pure fun welcome for the freshmen. Later they all met at the gym and surprises were there for them again.  Ruth told me that she sensed something fishy and stayed behind. Those who stayed at the middle were caught in the pouring out of different colored liquid on their bodies.  Ruth recalled that they were advised to bring extra clothes lol! Ruth arrived home chattering their fun day endlessly.


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