Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Redecorating Essex

Essex gets a bad press most of the time. Frequent portrayals of natives spray painted orange and zipped into impossibly tight miniskirts doesn't do this ancient county the justice it deserves. Home to Colchester and its amazing Roman ruins and one of the newest cities in the UK Chelmsford, this predominantly rural county has one of the highest demands for housing anywhere in England. 

Being a rural county it's best when redecorating to try and source as much as possible from as few places as possible. Roomes in Upminster is open seven days a week, and can cover essentials such as carpets and rugs, sofas and dining room tables. A well as being easily accessible to south Essex, Roomes is only a short drive under the Thames from Kent.

To avoid a caricature of brash Essex stereotypes, choose a classic or neutral colour palette. A warm oatmeal tone will complement gorgeous oak furniture and can be offset by warm, deep red tones. Selecting richer colours for d├ęcor and soft furnishings – such as lamps and scatter cushions – means that it's easy to change the theme of a room just by changing a few key decorations. This can save redecoration costs in the future if the basic colour scheme has good longevity.

Keeping a central wood theme (such as oak) throughout will unify the entire home. It's a trick exploited by many show homes and interior designers to make a house feels larger, as each room will flow into the next. When buying the key pieces for a home it's worth investing a little more money: a cheap sofa that falls apart after a year will only end up costing more in the long run that buying a better quality one to begin with. Sofas and dining tables are the two most common culprits of abuse in a family home. Ensuring sturdy ones are bought initially is a wise idea. 

Of course, if the inner Essex queen simply can't be reigned in go for durable leather options where possible. A leather recliner chair will be appreciated by any hardcore TV watcher and is also easy to keep clean, especially for any pet owners. Although if it's one of those teeny tiny chihuahuas make sure it doesn't get trapped underneath the foot rest! And finally, remember that although Essex might be a rural county it doesn't need to be rustic – keep modern and fresh and dress the house


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