Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Creating an Ergonomic En Suite


Most new builds on the market come with that all important desirable feature: an en suite. Incorporating an en suite into an older property is a relatively quick and simple way to add great value to the property by allowing it to compete on estate agent's pages against newer and more extravagant options. 

Older properties – unlike new builds – tend to benefit from having larger rooms and built in cupboards and wardrobes, so finding space to insert a small bathroom into the master bedroom is easier than it might first appear. Removing built in storage areas and reworking the floor plan can easily create a small corner for a shower, loo and sink.

In addition, the boom in popularity of en suites means that special space saving bathroom suites are now available. One option, which at first appears strange but is actually very practical, is to choose a toilet where the sink is located over the cistern. It's surprising how much space can be saved by not having a separate toilet and sink, although it could take a while to get used to the idea! 

Shower cubicles can often be cumbersome in their design if bought ready made, instead design one to fit an awkward space – such as a corner – and customise to suit.  Wall cladding is a brilliant way to make a small space appear larger by offering light reflecting floor to ceiling options. A polished white marble effect bathroom wall panel will throw light back into the room making it appear bigger. Offset by chrome fittings a small space will appear chic and more spacious than it really is.

If natural light isn't an option invest in a clever lighting system. Eradicate room shrinking shadows with spotlights and make the lighting versatile so that a less bright version is available for any late night visits where you don't want to wake your other half. Again, selecting a reflective option such as chrome or crystal will create the illusion of grandeur in what might have previously been a neglected walk in wardrobe. 

However, as amazing as a master en suite is when it does come to selling up make sure the main bathroom is just as impressive and well kept because it's the family bathroom that'll probably get the most use. Consider fixing both up at the same time and creating a matching theme for them both to create continuity throughout. Creating a lovely home environment while living there, and a brilliant sales angle when it's time to move on.


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