Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stylish Medical Scrubs

With the current sickness prevailing in our environment you’ll be surprised at how people seem to over populate hospitals private and public alike. The alarming part is that it composes of a greater percentage of babies and kids. They’re the most vulnerable in this season of sickness. Even we were not spared because the high fever of our eldest kid made us seek the treatment of hospital because we know that everything is there including laboratory. We waited half of our day for the check-up, getting of blood sample and waiting for the laboratory results. Our hospital is near to our house but we decided to stay in the hospital to wait for the results because the weather is either very hot or raining which will make us sick also if we went back and forth the hospital and our house. I noticed that nursing scrubs  is different now with the stylish trend and different colors unlike the old days when they will be required to work in white uniforms.

With the fast changing and improving of technology there are also changes in other aspects of our environment and the people who lives there. For me seeing immaculate nurse uniform  is an indication at the hospital that patients would be given attention as they’re the one who gets all your blood pressure, interviews what you feel and arrange everything before the doctor see the patient. Now I also love those blue, light brown or other colors of scrub clothing  that they provide. Having other colors and styles makes them look very stylish and chic. In fact kids are suddenly not afraid to approach them. 

I learned that blue sky scrubs provides a complete line of nursing uniforms and medical scrubs online. Their products speak of fashion, style, quality and cater to men, women and kids. They have variety of colors and have original and simple scrubs. To complete the fashionable look they came up with scrub hats and accessories to complement the beautiful scrub clothing. Now healthcare professionals and staff will not only look immaculate but stylish too.


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