Saturday, October 23, 2010

On Growing Up

Time flies so fast and I just realized that half of the school year has passed already. After the short school break of the kids they will start the other half of the year. This is my daughter Gen’s last year in primary and next year she’ll be joining her sister in secondary school. My baby girl who is a little boyish in many ways will soon be a teen and I was half-heart into that. I know that few years from now she’ll be asking me for tips on grooming or natural acne treatment for her or for her friends and lots of things when she reached adolescence stage. Of course it’s exciting to see her growing up fast but I just can’t control the feeling of being so protective.

I want my kids to be young for longer time because when they grow up they will have more problems, more anxieties, trials and stress especially when they will start working. I pray and hope that hubby and I are still strong and healthy in mind and spirit when they reached those years so we can still guide and advise them throughout their journey in life.


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