Saturday, August 25, 2012

Learning the Old School

Josh is playing now and enjoying his weekend after their first quarterly exams. We told him that he can play all day, a gift for his endeavors in diligent studying. Even if we have many PCs at home we never let our kids play non-stop at online games. We believe in real board games, ball games and other educational games so we limit their online time for them to be more creative. Often this modern generation of kids rely mostly on online games and networks to consume most of their time when they’re not in school. 

Parents should be aware that it will deprive them of being creative and they would not know the benefits of reading in their daily study life. Even if almost everything is there in Google and in some other online sites it’s also good to teach them how to research in real books and away from computer most of the time. It would help them a lot if they know how to study and learn the way old school did.


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