Saturday, August 25, 2012

Effective Healthy Diet

After I’ve seen myself in full mirror the other day I realized that the last three months gave me back the pounds that I lost early this year. My office friends and I have been talking about it because few months back I strived hard to lose some pounds through strict diet of vegetables and fruit, workout and discipline on eating habits. Then I lost 2 kilos which confirmed that my plan was effective but when I got back to my old eating habits, stopped the workout and started sleeping late again I gained more than I lost. I’m not that crazy over getting so thin but I don’t want to be tagged as overweight again on my next annual check up. 

 I have perfect check up on blood pressure, ECG, xray, blood test and all tests done on me except that I’m overweight. It’s the only thing that’s not normal on me so I really want to shed some pounds not for vanity but for health reasons. Now I’m trying to get back to my healthy diet but it seems that progress is so slow that it feels like it’s not going to work again. I’m thinking now of taking green tea or resort to taking pure fruit juices but I don’t have time for these things as preparation for juicing will take some time. Seeing this african mango diet gave me some thoughts as to its contents and effects. 

Of course the temptation of slimming down fast is so desirable but I need to consult my doctor before plunging into a different diet that I used to. Well I learned that this fruit fiber diet melts down stubborn fat and sweeps cholesterol out of the body. With this great discovery one must be aware that if you want the real effects you must be careful in choosing the brands that you take. Then it should be coupled with Vitamin B for energy and a multivitamin to boost metabolism that will help in healthy weight-loss. I really should decide now what I will do to lose excess pounds before I gain more pounds in a couple of weeks.


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