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Popular Degree Programs From Online Christian Colleges

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With the literal explosion of colleges offering online degree programs, the Christian colleges are no exception. Most online degree programs offer a variety of majors, with various degrees being attainable, completely online. If the student is interested in an online college experience with a Christian college, there are many diversified majors as well. 

With degrees ranging from Associates to Masters, an online Christian college experience is available for you, enabling you to follow the path God has planned. Here are some of the popular Christian degree programs available in most online colleges:

 • Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies - This course is based on general studies, allowing the student to choose different avenues of study within their major. The focus areas vary from Bible Study, to Children's Ministry or Pastoral Ministry. This course of study allows the student to acquire relational and communication skills for ministry at the church. 

Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Christian Ministry - This degree is geared towards the business end of the Christian ministry. With classes in finance, marketing and business management, along with classes in church administration, a degree with this focus will prepare the student to manage the Christian ministry and at the same time, still being learned in the ways of the Christian teachings. 

Master of Arts in Christian Studies with an Emphasis on Pastoral Ministry - This course of study is designed for the student who wishes to lead as a Christian and become the pastor of a Christian Ministry. This Master's program requires a Bachelor's degree. Students study the historical and theological themes of the Old and New Testament of the Bible, principles of Biblical interpretation, as well as principles of sermon composition and delivery. This course of study prepares the student to preach, teach and guide the Christian community for which he applies.

 • Master of Divinity - This degree is the first professional degree of the pastoral profession. It is the prerequisite for those wishing to enter the priesthood or hold a pastorship or other professional ministry. This degree includes studies in Christian ministry and theology. The studies also include liturgical studies, Latin, Hebrew and Canon Law. The Master of Divinity has replaced the Bachelor of Divinity, wherein the Bachelor program implies an undergraduate degree. This is a more extensive program than most Master degree programs. 

Training in Christian studies is a very specific course of study. If you are set to earn a degree in Christian studies, then you can also consider attaining your education through an online college. Even if your studies will mostly involve an online environment, not only will you get the same accreditation of a four-year Christian college, you can also save yourself a lot of time and money throughout your studies.


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