Thursday, December 16, 2010

Preparing for the Kids’ Education

We’ve attended our eldest’ family worship meeting and we stayed up to 3 hours but it’s ok because we enjoy watching the presentation, the glee club and some others. We’re really glad that we were able to afford the kids’ school fees because I really want them to study in school offering quality education. I enrolled my eldest in her current school now because I like how the school administer their discipline and inculcate good education to students.

We’re praying that opportunities will keep on coming so we can save for the kids’ future or maybe we should start thinking of having investment to support their college education in the future. One good investment I saw online is through United States Gold Bureau where you only have to buy gold coins and have them stored in your own house or in independent bank. This way you will just wait for the high returns of your capital and you’ll have extra funds in the future


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