Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Computer Repair and More

My work revolve around computers and I have to ensure always that my computers are in perfect condition so I can finish my work in due time. I’ve always been involved in computer jobs because I’ve finished a degree in computer engineering. All my previous jobs were all IT-related especially my previous work in small telecommunications company. We always have to see to it that we’re online 24/7 because we’re catering to numerous local and international clients for their calls anywhere around the globe. We’re selling termination call services, prepaid call cards, direct inward dialling and more. These services should be run with high tech equipment and online computers that will ensure continuous service to clients. 

During those days we have our own technical group that monitors computer performance and attends to minor computer problems but when the trouble needs major troubleshooting and attention we see to it that we get the best company to do Computer Repair  for our computers. It’s vital to have bankable computer experts to look into the major computer problems fast and precise because operations will be stopped for long. Backups are there but it shouldn’t be use for long time. 

In my present online work now I always have to make sure my computer is running smoothly with tasks and due dates to beat at all times. I need to have professional experts to ask for help whenever my system fails or my computers need repair just like what Support Squad offers to their clients. With them you don’t need to worry about problems with your PC, MAC and peripherals because they will troubleshoot and do what’s needed. They can install devices and software, connect printers, and protect your files and everything that will help you operate the machines. No need to worry about viruses that might ruin the computer or damage your files as they identify and remove viruses. They can do everything you require with the help of their expertise and experience in handling computer maintenance.


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