Thursday, November 25, 2010

What High School Clique Did You Belong To?

You Were One of the Jocks

When you were in high school, you liked to compete and win. You really found out what you were made of.
You liked being part of a team, and you enjoyed working with others and doing your part.

You may have been labeled or stereotyped, but the truth is that you were just doing your thing.
Teachers may not have given you the respect you deserved. You were working harder than anyone knew!

One of the best years in my life was in high school because I had my close and best friends there.  I learned many things and high school opened up sports to me that I continued until college and on my employment days.  My teachers liked me and helped me reached my goal of getting into the honor roll of the class.  Sad one of my best teachers died young two years ago. She used to greet me in full name even after twenty years making me feel she didn't forget me all throughout these years.


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