Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One Thing in Common

The kids have no classes today and we’ve talked about their school, exams and possible career they may want. The girls have little hints and ideas of what they want but the little boy was just imitating his likes from my university. He really likes to study there and he told me he’ll also take softball and tennis as his P.E. He’s such a dear and he always remembers what I’m telling him about my college days. Seriously I really wanted them to have dreams of their own even as young as their ages because they will surely study hard when they have goals in life.

Just like an employee investing in stocks, real estate or gold coin which means he’s thinking of the time that he’ll leave the corporate office when he’s old enough. At least if he has investment he will have some backup. Well education and gold investment have one thing in common. They’re both tangible enough to put hope for. Good education can give a simple man a better life and a gold investment can give the investor a high return of capital.


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