Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How My Friend Recovered from Orthopedic Help

I’m glad that my friend recovered from the accident that deprived him of walking for two years. He has sacrificed a lot from the vehicular accident he went through. He lost his job, career and almost lost his hope that he can walk again. He was a very close friend of mine, almost a brother that’s why I knew how it pained him to see his legs paralyzed. When he has recovered from the accident trauma he then began taking therapies which made him walk again after 2 years. It was a battle of mind over matter because if a person loses hope he’ll lose everything. I was happy that he kept the faith to God that he can return to his normal life. He’s lucky that he got the best surgeon on the famous orthopedic hospital in the country which gave him the best medication and treatment like that of orthopedic surgeons Richmond which also offers multi-specialty outpatient surgery center in Virginia. 

Stony Point Surgery Center has been providing healthcare through affordable but high quality care to their patients. They offer flexible hours and advanced technology treatments. They also provide outpatient surgery which is very convenient to those who can’t stay at the hospital for long. Rest assured that patients will receive the same safe, convenient and cost-effective as when you stay at the hospital. They also perform some other surgical procedures aside from Orthopedics like colon and rectal surgery, ophthalmology, paediatrics, gynecology and many others.


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