Friday, October 2, 2009

Easy Shopping Online

It’s been a busy week for us as we were cleaning the mess brought about by the recent storm that caused flooding in Metro Manila and nearby provinces. We were all shocked that this severe flooding happened in our place as this is the first time that waters have reached to 5 ft. level inside our house. Now people in our community were left with mud, soiled clothes, nearly junk appliances and wet documents.

We were lucky enough to have second floor in the house where I saved all my rescued things from the ground floor of our house. I just had to buy new shoes for my kids as the texture is a little moist from inside. I feel so tired because I had few sleepless nights due to blackout that run for 5 days. Now that we have electricity and internet connection I can do my shopping online. It feels good that I can buy my kids’ shoes in the comfort of my home without having to run to the nearest department store.

I’m glad that I discovered it years ago where I buy what I need for my house and family online. Very convenient indeed! Imagine finding not just my personal things but my son’s school shoes but my daughter’s bike shoes as well.
It’s what I’ll call shopping made easy. I know all women love shopping and they risk the pain in their feet hopping from one store to another just to look and buy what they need. Thanks to Shopwiki as they seek every store in the net making them available to shoppers through their site. So if you need something for your family like me who found a good bike shoes sale, a starchild navy blue leather bike shoes which is just right for my daughter with soft leather suede sole for comfort and elasticated ankle.


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