Saturday, July 4, 2009

Vacation at Breezes Resorts

Talk about relaxing and vacationing, for me it’s a wonderful thought! Being a working Mom for several years my vacation includes spending three days vacation in a highland place few hours away from Manila for twice a year. I still want to have a vacation near the beaches but miles away from Manila where I would fly just to be at that place. Here in our country there are a lot of beautiful beach resorts in Boracay, Bohol, Puerto Princesa and some other not so popular places. Philippines are endowed with captivating and scenic places but some are not yet developed.

My SIL loves vacationing too and she has a habit of rounding up vacation resorts around Europe and America that’s totally new to her. She’s living in Great Britain and every time she has a chance she plans for a getaway vacation to relax her body and mind from everyday tension and pressures of her work... Last time I talked to her she told me that she wants an all inclusive resort which offers everything from the beach resorts to comfortable accommodations to fine dining to sports activities. It would really be nice to have a super inclusive package like that and Breezes Resort can do that.

She would like a different vacation this time and she’s thinking of having a vacation where she can have the view of rugged mountains, beaches and coves and can take advantage of the blue waters and richest landscapes in the Caribbean. I told her she can go to Runaway Bay Jamaica where she can enjoy sports activities like golf and tennis or just while away the time viewing all the scenic spots there.

Or she can choose a different destination where she can indulge on exciting water and land sports. It would be fun to do some windsurfing, sailing and water ski or if she’s the type of a land sports enthusiast she could do some table tennis, beach volleyball or even golf. She should choose Bahamas resorts to do all these together with all the amenities and accommodations offered by them. One good thing about all inclusive packages is that the person needs not to worry about other things like food and sports/recreational activities. All of these are available at Breezes Resort and you can visit their site now to plan your dream vacation.


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