Saturday, July 4, 2009

I'll Be a WAHM Soon!

I'm counting my days in my work now as my resignation was approved at last. I've resigned from my job last year in May but was asked by my employer to extend my stay leading my employment to extend up to this time. I've been following up my intended early retirement almost every two months but it was when my Mom suffered temporary blindness that my resignation was considered seriously.

Actually it was a flattering thought that they wouldn't want me to leave my work which lasted for more than sixteen years, I would like to think they like me really that they asked me to think it over and over before deciding finally. My boss even asked me to accept a part-time job of an HR consultant but I told him I can't spare more than two days of my week because my family needed my full time attention now. I was glad that my junior boss allowed me a complete resignation without consultancy or part-time work and just asked me to at least give them a one-month allowance to turn over my work properly.

I would admit I've been losing hope that I will be allowed to resign and my colleagues keep on teasing me that it would take me another year but after my final talk with my senior boss detailing the inner problems I have in my family regarding their need for my full attention my boss understood my situation and accepted my resignation. It was a very happy day for me and though I'm still working and would be in my office for two weeks I can now savor the taste of my freedom from an 8-5 work. By the way I'll still be working but I'll be joining the WAHM work-at-home mommies and will concentrate more on writing in my sites.


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