Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Photo Tag

I was tagged by a dear friend of mine Tita Beng of My Quiet Zone. Thanks for this one Tita Beng, I always smile whenever I see my name on your tag lists. I'm just so busy with my work that it's taking me long before I post the tag. Anyway here's my tenth photo on my voluminous file folder.
Show your readers the tenth photo you find on your photo file folder.

So here is mine.

<< This is the tenth photo on my file folder, a picture of my girls in ponytails :-) just came in from a birthday party, the reason for balloons! This was taken four years ago. Just nice remembering those cutie and innocent faces of them. Now that they're bigger and getting taller I don't think they'll stay the same! Ruth is growing up so fast and so is Gen and I'm glad that I have plenty of their little girls' photos in my computer album.

Let us see what’s the tenth photo on the file folder of Tetcha, Redge, Liza, Lisa and JennyL and all my blogger buddies. Join in the fun guys!


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