Saturday, July 11, 2009

He Looks Younger Now!

When I went in to my boss’ other office in DSI where I worked for 10 years I came across my first manager where I’ve worked before I was assigned in the President’s office to do Technical Proposal. He smiled immediately when he saw me and extended his hand even if I’m still few meters away. He retired from project management for two years now and he was just asked by my boss to visit our office for my boss’ new business plan.

He used to be so big that it affects his legs when walking but now I noticed that he can walk with so much ease. It’s all because of his efforts to shed unwanted pounds and he did it successfully. At his old age he can’t take a diet pill without doctor’s advice so for a time he just concentrated on having a well-planned meal diet and easy exercises just enough for his age. True enough he lost some pounds and now he looks younger and healthier. He even joked that I’m the one who is bigger now. Now that gave me something to think of. Should I take diet pill?


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