Monday, November 11, 2019

Massachusetts: Inspiring Collegiate Dreams

Best universities in Massachusetts

For those wondering about where to pursue their college dream, the state of Massachusetts is rich in history, beauty, and some of the most acclaimed institutions of higher education in the nation. If you are from out of state, the only way to truly experience the modern and contemporary life that Massachusetts has to offer is to stay near the heart of it. The capital of the state and the most populous city is Boston.

The Wonders of Boston

The city of Boston is host to both schools and companies that are global leaders in fields like biotechnology, finance, engineering, maritime trade, and of course, higher education. It is a major hub for would-be college students, many of whom rely on Boston staffing firms to help them find employment before, during, and after graduation. During their time in the city, there is always something to keep even the most eclectic person busy. There are the historical landmarks dating back to the American War for Independence, fine art museums, quaint coastal towns, delicious seafood eateries, and rich culture from nationalities that represent the globe.

Academic Heritage

Students are beginning to prefer Massachusetts over areas like New York for the more moderately-paced, welcoming life that doesn’t sacrifice on richness or diversity. The academic reputation of the state dates back to some of the first elementary and secondary schools in the country, but it home to Harvard University, the oldest and most prestigious college in the United States. Both Harvard and its academic and geographic neighbor, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are consistently top spot finishers in the world rankings for best universities. Harvard University dates back to the early 1600s, and it still has its main campus in Cambridge. Since then, the university has split into 11 separate academic units and has expanded its location across the area. It currently boasts the largest university library, housing more than 18 million volumes.

If this doesn’t pique your academic interest, consider the options of MIT, Amherst College, Williams College, and Tufts University. There is no shortage of higher education opportunities in the state of Massachusetts.


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