Thursday, February 2, 2017

Relaxing Debut Celebration

With lots of preparation and plans for my daughter’s debut we finally had it. We’re all happy that everything went as planned. My debutant’s gown is simple yet elegant in blue shimmering color and Gen was like a princess as she walked down the aisle to her mini stage. My baby daughter suddenly turned to a young lady and she’s really beautiful and very chic. Not yet a woman but not a young girl anymore. We did everything to make the venue looked beautiful especially the stage which compliments her gown in silver, blue and white hues. The decors were as simple as the debutant but also class and elegant in its own style. 

We also made it sure that we had sumptous food with the help of our best caterer, my husband’s good friends Joel and Joy. The AVP were entertaining showing my daughter’s pictures from baby to toddler to young girl stage up to teenage years. The sound system went well and even though one of Gen’s friends suggested some for the drum sets we didn’t pushed through with having the instrument. For my daughter’s debut we just wanted a simple and cozy celebration. 

We’re grateful that we had the best celebration with chosen friends, relatives and classmates of my dear daughter who made her happy by their songs, messages and wishes. It was really a relaxing celebration and we didn’t feel any stress or pressure on the occasion. We just enjoyed every minute of the program and we’re thankful that Gen felt so happy with her birthday.


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