Sunday, October 19, 2014

Flair for Vintage Things

With all the needs for a grand home improvement of our house we really have to save and look for enough finances to carry the renovation. As flooding is now unexpectedly occurring even on stable places we need to secure our home from experiencing flood occurrences. We need to elevate our house a little so we will not be affected by flood if the water level on river and dams rises. 

Our place houses some antique furniture from my father’s creations and we’re just happy that despite the various weather that hit our place those beautiful old furniture remained the same. In a way I love old things – furniture, books, pictures, toys and other things from the past because the things always remind me of my happy childhood. It reminds me of the days when my father still lives and he always create quality wooden furniture as his hobby. 

Well we also have old musical instruments like guitar and our grand piano of middle 40’s which my father bought during American time as he told me. He plays amateur piano and learned it on his own. He loves to own vintage items and as the years go by his instruments became some kind of a vintage collectibles. I go after his flair old things and got excited every time I see MF’s vintage electric guitar which is not only classic but produce quality sounds as well. It’s like returning back to yesterday’s time when my father plays his vintage musical instruments. I missed him so much.


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