Friday, October 11, 2013

Carpet Cleaning Products and Methods

Whether you have animals in your house, children living in your house, or just general traffic on your carpets, you may need to have your carpets cleaned. A holiday is coming up, and you will have a house full of people. You want everything to be sparkling clean when they arrive, so you may want to have your carpets cleaned. Contacting a Provo carpet cleaning service is your first step to a beautifully clean house for your guests when they come. The next step is the actual cleaning of the rest of your house. Some carpet cleaning companies charge for their services by the room, and others by the square foot. Watch for promotions and specials, and you will be able to save a little money. 

Cleaning Products 

There are different types of cleaning products that they use and you might want to inquire about those products before you hire them to clean your carpets. They can use deodorizers, protectors, spotters, rinses, and everything they have to get your carpets sparkling clean and smelling fabulous. Some companies use products that are considered biodegradable and actually good for the environment, and if you want those products to be used, you just have to request them. 

Cleaning Methods 

There are different types of cleaning methods that carpet cleaning services use. The first type is shampooing, and there are advantages and disadvantages. This is a great way to clean carpets that are really dirty, but there are residues that are left behind and can be sticky. The stickiness will attract dirt and your carpets will get dirty that much faster. Another type of carpet cleaning is encapsulation. The detergent used in encapsulation is meant to surround the particles of dirt and then when the detergent dries, it will turn into a powder that can be vacuumed up. 

This method uses less water and the carpet will dry much quicker than the water and time used with the shampooing method. Hot water extraction is the next method, which uses hot water combined with high pressure to break up the dirt in the carpet, dissolve it, and take the dirt out of the carpet. For your Provo carpet cleaning needs, be sure to call a reputable, licensed carpet cleaning company.


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