Monday, September 23, 2013

Maximizing Your Home Space

I have three kids and as my two daughters are growing up so fast I've been thinking of ways on how to maximize space in the house to make way for my dear daughters' rooms.  They share one room which is actually big enough for them but as we all know women have many accessories and funny little items that never seems to end like stationeries, vanity items, books, various collections, small and big bags, variety of shoes and slippers, pouches, wallets and never ending clothes.  

I want them to have an extra room where they can study quietly and have some space for all that I've mentioned above.  I saw how my creative brother has turned their attic into a workout gym and a home office where they also store things that they seldom use.  Above pic is just a sample on how we can maximize our home space for whatever we have in mind. Just perfect for those hobby collections:)


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