Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Letting Go of Home Stuff

When we cleaned the house after the flood we ensured that we conduct an inventory of things that we need and those that we can let go in order to limit the appliances, furniture and accessories that we always have to save and store in our upper floor every time there’s an oncoming floodstorm. It’s so tasking and difficult for us to return everything into normal arrangement. 

Anyway it includes the musical accessories that my kids collect in the house. When they listed down the things that they will let go I saw that they will still keep the guitar case even though they plan on buying another one like that of gator deluxe abs electric guitar case. They really wanted a replacement case but I told them that each model has its own case and the one that they like is exclusive for that particular model only. Now they whispered to me that maybe we should start saving for the electric guitar. I almost laugh my heart out.


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