Friday, August 2, 2013

Church Improvement

Along with some home improvement in our church we listed down some things that we will either replace or should be added with stocks like chairs, small tables, cork boards and other small accessories. We discussed the musical instruments separately as it needs a serious planning and decision what to replace and what to repair. Lately our projector that we use for praising song activities is showing signs of over usage and we’re glad that we’re able to maintain it to working condition. 

We need to upgrade on some of the little musical accessories to enjoy quality sounds but for now we need to focus more on the main musical instruments because the cost is somewhat expensive and needs careful planning of the cost. There are also suggestions on buying new amplifier like that of bass amps at musicians friend and it was noted just in case we reached our budget goal. Maintaining our musical instruments to the best of its capabilities is of utmost importance to us because we need it for praising and singing inspirational songs. Hope we’ll be able to achieve our goals.


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