Friday, June 7, 2013

Looking for Nice Home Ideas

I have been thinking of our own home improvement for our place not only for making it beautiful but for preparation for the coming rainy season as well. We want to elevate the house by around one meter and change the second flooring from hardwood to slab. This is in preparation for whatever the rainy season will bring usually the floods which gave us so much fright 4 years ago. Anyway the house is so old that it’s really necessary to give it a boost and just like humans it needs a complete makeover sometimes. 

I’ve been searching for nice interior designs for my would-be duplex home and I got so excited about some modern kitchen ideas I found online. While browsing for home ideas I also found some quality ceramic spacers for my brother’s business. He asked me few days back to search for high quality and affordable ones. It’s worth my while to browse the things I will need for my future home which I think will pursue construction in few months’ time. I just have to wait for my finances.


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