Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Love for Music Runs in the Blood

When it’s summer vacation students are finding something that they can be busy about like playing sports, board games, enrolling in summer and specialized courses, learning how to swim, vacationing and many other things. But you know what my own kids are doing? They’re playing variety of musical instruments not just to learn every bits and pieces but enjoying it as well. 

Since they have flute, lyre, keyboard and guitar they can switch from one instrument to another. They’re really fun with learning guitar with constant teasing that I should buy another one just like the types of exciting kramer bass guitar that they get to see online. I told them to practice well and if they’ll play on our church activities and fellowship I’ll save again for a better guitar for them. They’re very fond of music just like my brother’s kids who plays all kinds of musical instruments. It really runs in the blood.


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