Sunday, March 10, 2013

Repair and Maintenance of Apartment

My brother is sending his carpenter on his apartments to do some repairs as per request of one of his tenants. He would do some strengthening of structures, inspect some loose threads and will see that everything will be in proper living condition before leaving g the area. The carpenter brought along some tools and told me that he needs the likes of for fasteners to fasten and thread some areas in the kitchen and garage. 

His supply ran out of stock and he would still need a few to finish the repair. Well keeping up 6-row apartment is not that easy as you have to see to it that every unit should be maintained and cared for. The owner should save some of its earnings to pay for emergency repair and regular maintenance to upkeep the beauty and durability of apartments. A well-maintained place of living will last longer than those improperly kept.


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