Friday, August 3, 2012

My Son’s Costume in School Program

I attended the school activities in my little boy’s school and asked my office that I would take a leave so I can assist my son. He’s one of the participants in the program, one of the representatives in grade 3 level. They’re dressed in white shorts and green shirt representing the color of vegetables and with a hat decorated with different kinds of fruits. At the front of their shirt they were instructed to have picture of foods pinned to represent nutrition month. We were looking for a way to have it pinned securely because Josh is so active that I feared it might fall down. 

Well the thought of having lapel pins entered my mind but DH has already pinned the picture with a safety pin. Some has put tape around the picture but as minutes pass by the pictures are hanging with loose tapes. It’s a good decision to use pins whether it’s a safety pin, lapel or any other pin because it secures the picture to the shirt. The program went well and I should say I enjoyed the presentation of young boys and girls. It also brought back memories of my two young teens when they were still in grade school.


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