Thursday, August 23, 2012

Different Flooring Design on the Attic

After careful study my brother started another renovation on his house. He was readying for the rainy season and raised his flooring with additional two feet. It was a big decision because his tile flooring is still beautiful and of high quality but he was doing it to protect their house from floods. He didn’t want another occurrence of such kind again and after the sun showed in full shining glory the renovation started. Since he’s an Engineer it’s easy for him to schedule home improvement as he has a steady group of workers who can do the project immediately. 

When I asked him about the floor repairs he told me that they’re already in the finishing stage and actually looking for high quality stylish tiles to match the walls of his house. His house is a good pattern model for any client that will visit him. He has personally designed it himself and takes pride in looking into interior design as well. When he built the attic he preferred hardwood stairs and flooring for a change because the attic is his office and recreation area. It’s a complete turnaround from his ground and second floor because he really aimed at the quality and durability of hardwood flooring. He thought that it would more elegant and natural. It also gives an accent to his office furniture leaving a rich and charming look. 

When you also want a look that’s different from the emerging modern innovative look you can look back at the old times and use hardwood flooring from Guhde Flooring America where you can choose from wide assortment of elegant hardwood floors that will surely enhance any room that you choose to install. It can also fit your specific requirements as they’re customizable. It can refinish to fit it your desired finished product or to enhance makeovers. With these products you will be satisfied with the looks and can vouch for quality and durability as well.


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