Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Reviewing for Third Periodic Exams

The kids are preparing and reviewing for their third periodic tests and their school time is shortened for three days. I still prepare their lunch before going to office but I just left it on the table so when they arrived from school they will be able to eat immediately. Their time usually lasts for 2-3 hours only and when they arrived home they just eat and review their subjects the whole afternoon. I'm glad that my little boy can now study by himself; he just needs some monitoring from my Mom when he asks for some things that he didn't know. Still we made him some reviewers so he can round it up before the exams.

My two young ladies can take care of themselves when it comes to school projects and even in reviewing for exams. They have preference for areas in the house where they will study. Ruth wanted it in our room as the silence helps her to concentrate on studying. There at the room she will have no distractions on people coming to visit Mom or on noise coming from television. I'm glad she's really serious about her study habits and I would want the younger kids to follow her.


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