Monday, July 25, 2011

Home Rearrangement

Since I got a new job last April my plans for renovation has stopped for awhile because I feel so tired after a day’s work and couldn’t plan or schedule for supervising the repairs. On weekends I don’t want to commit my time because that’s the only time I can be with my family full time and I don’t want to spoil it by having workers on our house. Now I feel so bad that I haven’t had the time to do it earlier this year because my kitchen really needs a new stainless steel sink now because the old tiled sink is hard to maintain.

I’m waiting for long weekend holiday this time of the year so I can pursue with my little renovation works or possibly even some minor repairs in some parts of the house. If some are planning on holiday I want to spend my free time to rearrange the house and discard those old things that we don’t need any more. Since the house was an old ancestral house we have collection of decade-old things in one of the rooms in the house and the hardest part of arranging is actually sorting out what’s needed and what’s not. Anyway we really should start doing it so we can maximize the use of our old big sturdy house.


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