Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Balance of Love and Discipline

I have some talk with some of my co parent in school and we have the same view in having a balance of love and discipline to ensure that our kids will value these factors that they need to grow in the right manner. Too much love can spoil them but you can give your love without letting them know that they can get and do all they want because your love will allow them. We should have a balance of rearing them in the right way and keep them growing with faith and fear to God. Discipline should be given in the right dosage, not too strict and not too easy on them. This way they will know their boundaries. Some children who were not given love or discipline in the right manner turned to be troubled teens when they grow up and with the influence of bad peers they could end up on drugs and alcohol.

If you have encountered this state on one of your loved ones or children of your friends you can always give them advice on how they can help their loved ones to return to normal life. They should ask for help and proper treatment from the likes of ADD ADHD Drug Treatment Centers who will conduct diagnosis on the right classification of disorders the patient has. This could also happen not only to kids and teens but also on adults who may have suffered marital problems, unemployment and depression so it’s better to consult professional experts on rehabilitating drug and alcohol dependents. They can help your dear family member to return to normal life again.


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